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Starlight Learns to Be A Good Friend - Full Comic by itsjaytimestwo Starlight Learns to Be A Good Friend - Full Comic :iconitsjaytimestwo:itsjaytimestwo 209 66
Everything Wrong with EQG: Rainbow Rocks Shorts
NOTE TO EVERYONE: I wrote and completed this review before Bhalspawn's posting of "Rainbow Rocks Shorts in Five Minutes." And I apologize if some of the jokes in this review are similar to the jokes in that video. With that said, we now return to our regularly scheduled program.
Hello, this is Kirb and it occurs to me that I haven't done a review in quite some time. Then again, I haven't seen any new movies lately, and as you probably know, MLP is currently on the off-season. I've moved on to watching episodes of Dan Vs. and Gargoyles now, but I've already finished them and they're way old to review, so there's no real purpose in looking at them. So now I have to look at something that I've been putting off looking at for the longest time: the Rainbow Rocks shorts.
With My Little Pony: Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks (long title, I know) coming out soon, Hasbro has been trying to promote it the best that they can. How do they do this? By creating animated shorts for the movie.
:iconflyingbrickanimation:FlyingBrickAnimation 3 76
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Last updated: 2017/05/09

Commissions are OPEN. Requests are ON HOLD.

Commission pool (0/5):
none currently

Request pool (2/x):
:iconsciyei: :iconwindymils:

Recently finished: (see previous journal for old entries)
(+2 non-dA) :iconhaefenzebra: :iconstahi: :iconyoshiringo: :iconalanjcastonguay:

Prices (* - per character, half-price for portrait/headshot):
  • $5 - Rough sketch (mandatory, part of the process)*
  • +$10 - Lineart*
  • +$5 - Flat grayscale* | $10 - Flat colour*
  • +$5 - Flat shading* | $10 - Full shading*
  • +$5 - Effects and/or textures (glowing, sparks, etc.)
  • +FREE - Single-colour or gradient background or no background
  • +$10 - Detailed background (buildings, trees, silouettes)
  • +$15 - Interior and/or props (instruments, plushie, flower pots, etc.)
  • $35 - Comic (1 panel, 2 panels minimum)
  • +$20 - per panel

NOTE: It's required to add 15% of the price to cover Paypal's currency conversion tax. For example, if you would like to get a drawing for $20, you'll have to pay $23.

Examples of finished work:
[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]


Q: Do you exclusively draw ponies?
A: In fact, no! I can also draw humanoids and any other creatures - it's just that my auditory recently was mostly pony-related.

Q: Do you draw crossovers/parodies?
A: Yes, gladly!

Q: How fast do you draw?
A: It really depends on the drawing in question. The more details and characters, the more time it will take (usually 1-7 days). If you really want to boost up the work, though, see the "Donate" block on my profile page.

Q: What am I paying for?
A: You pay for my drawing work and resulting SAI-compatible .psd file that will be PM'ed to you after transferring the payment. The drawing itself is released publicly under Creative Commons Non-commercial Share-Alike 4.0 International license terms, hence will be released in full size in my gallery.

Q: Are commissions private? Can I secretly have a drawing from you?
A: Commissions are NOT private. I'm not going to place watermarks on any of my drawings nor make them non-downloadable, so please keep this in mind.

Q: How do I pay?
A: Payment is either via PayPal (worldwide, will PM you the address in the process) or Money.Yandex (for CIS / Russia only). Pay after I'll make a rough sketch, not beforehand.

Q: I don't like the sketch and not going to pay!
A: Feel free to, that's why I'm asking to pay after giving you the rough sketch. Note though if this will happen more than once, you'll be blacklisted - don't waste my time, you may get a chance for a free drawing when requests are open.

Q: Lewd commissions?
A: Sorry, not on deviantArt (innocent hugs and flirty gestures are welcome, but no anatomically correct things - I don't want my dA account to be suspended).

Q: How many drawings I can order/request?
A: Only a single drawing per person can be requested, choose wisely. You can commission up to 3 drawings in a row or 1 comic page with 4 panels.

Q: Why wasn't my request/commission accepted?
A: I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I feel uncomfortable with it. Also, full pool means nothing will get accepted. Take into consideration the batch.

Q: Why was my character design changed?
Q: What's the matter with this other OC doing in my drawing?
Q: I wasn't asking for a comic!
A: Requests aren't commissions - I'm free to change character's design (especially if your colour palette is bad), mix two or more requests into single work (usually a comic). If I won't like your character(s), it will be refused. Simple as that.



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Freelance artist, animator, musician and audio engineer, programmer, web designer, Visual Novel and web-comic fan-translator.

Tablet: Wacom Bamboo CTH-470/S
OS: Windows XP x86 SP3, ArchLinux
Drawings: Paint Shop Pro 7.04, PaintTool SAI 1.25, MyPaint 1.0.0
Animation: Animation Shop 3, Flash 8.0, MKVToolnix, VirtualDub 1.9.3
Composing: CWPA 9, Reaper 4.581, Goldwave 5.22, OMPT
Programming: Delphi 7 Personal, Notepad2, XAMPP 1.8.3

I like cute things, colourful drawings, harmonious music, humorous animation, parody and comedy films.
I hate gore, dubstep, watermarks, greed and stupidity.

All of the above depends on my mood and amount of free time.

My works can be found at the following resources:


ICQ: 427-075-128 | Jabber:


Sketch: Leggy Lamb
Suddenly, Leggy Lamb. A gift for my friend Lalieri. ^w^

Sketched in SAI at 2017/05/24. Took ~40 minutes.

Like this drawing? Please, support me!
MLPFiM: Inky Rose
Practice drawing of a cute goth pony. It seems 7th season is full of waifu. <~<'

Sketched in SAI at 2017/05/16. Lined and coloured at 2017/05/22 - 2017/05/23. Took ~7 hours.

Like this drawing? Please, support me!
MLPFiM: Windy Whistles
Best mom, №1 fan. :3c

Practice drawing.

Actually, an offspring carries 99.5% of mother's genes. There's a very small quantity of them that affect our look.

Sketched in SAI at 2017/05/12. Lined and coloured in SAI at 2017/05/21. Took ~10 hours.

Like this drawing? Please, support me!
MLPFiM x Persona 3: Confusion [Comic][Collab]
Based on rough sketch by Lalieri.

The final installment of Elizabeth's adventures in Equestria, based on 4chan's CYOA, which was supposed to be finished about a month ago, yet a bunch of projects kept piling over... x-x

<< Previous | Finale

Originally sketched on paper by Lalieri at 2017/04/14. Re-sketched, lined and coloured in SAI by dsp2003 at 2017/04/28 - 2017/05/20. Took ~30 hours.

Like this comic? Please, support us!
MLPFiM: Happy MILF Day [Collab]
A huge (and two days late) collaboration between dsp2003, Lalieri and AnonymousHatter.

Features: Apple Leaves, Auntie Orange, Bubblegum Blossom, Button's Mom, Cloudy Quartz, Cookie Crumbles (Rarity's Mom), Cup Cake, Derpy Hooves, Floribunda, (Gr)Annie Smith, Milky Way, Millie, Mrs. Paleo, Mrs. Shy (Fluttershy's Mom), Princess Cadance, Queen Chrysalis, Sew-and-so, Spoiled Rich, Stormy Flare (Spitfire's Mom), Trixie's Mom, Twilight Velvet (Twilight's Mom), Windy Whistles (Rainbow Dash's Mom)

Some notes from me:

Due to technical troubles and other circumstances, I had to once again maintain most of the drawing. Welp.

Participation in percentages:

:icondsp2003: - BG - 70%, 10 ponies, various fixes
:iconlalieri: - BG - 30%, 6 ponies, initial idea, bg sketching
:iconanonymoushatter: - BG - 0%, 6 ponies

Originally the characters were also supposed to be shaded, but the amount of time put into this drawing was already bordering on the edge of sanity, not to mention I also had to split this drawing across three different PSD files due to SAI's 255 layer limit being hit multiple times.

Edit: I've noticed a couple of bugs that ended up in the finalized picture (missing shadow of one of the pillars, missing cutie mark of Cadance and missing green on Chrysalis' belly, so they are now corrected.

Sketched, lined and coloured in SAI, CSP and Autodesk at 2017/05/05 - 2017/05/16. Took ~64 hours. Fixed at 2017/05/17. Took ~30 minutes.


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