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Edit: Here's more detailed article regarding this horror called Windows 10.

I've decided to break the silence for a bit to bring my watchers' attention to this.

* Windows 10 is a spyware. It wants to know what you type, your real name, your entire phone book, your friends, your facebook account, your files on every drive, passwords from your Wi-Fi network and BitLocker password for encrypted partitions. You can't turn this off unless you are using Server or Enterprise editions of the OS (which are borderline expensive). This means every "casual" Windows 10's user is a subject of data disclosure to NSA, FBI and CIA.
* Windows 10 forcefully (and silently) updates drivers for every piece of hardware. nVidia users has already experienced this "in its full glory" when the "updated" drivers rendered OS unusable. Same with the security patches - everything is mandatory, you can't even choose what to install and what not to (unless you own a Server or Enterprise edition), even if it's already known that update in question will break the OS.
* Windows 10 uses peer-to-peer connection to distribute updates across the users and utilizes their Internet connection without their consent.
* Windows 10 sends about 85 Megabytes of data to over 50(!!) different domains every 15(!!) minutes regardless if you've disabled data collection or not. The data it sends contains, among other things, a screenshots of your whole desktop!
* Micro$oft is going to push "updates" that will render inoperable (supposedly) pirated software and Chinese clones of XBox controllers.
* Windows 10 is an adware. It shows advertisements in both Start menu and the Windows Store.
* Windows 10 will invalidate your license once you'll change any "core" hardware of your PC. This includes such "small" things like amount of RAM and the hard drives. Yes, just for that you'll be forced to pay the full price of the OS again.
* Windows 10 destroys BIOS/UEFI on deinstallation/system restore and writes into it to enforce license checks every time the PC is booted.
* In recent updates for Windows 7 and 8.1, Micro$oft turned Windows 10 upgrade into mandatory ransomware (see this screenshot).
* With the 2015 November update patch for Windows 10, a lot of third-party applications were silently deleted from user's hard drives without asking. These included absolutely harmless diagnostic tools, like CPU-Z.
* With the same November update, Windows 10's infamous spyware "tracking service" DiagTrack has been renamed into "Connected User Experiences and Telemetry Service" - any previous settings were reset to default, along with the most of OS's customization.
* Wacom is NOT going to supply drivers for Windows 10 any time soon.

Does it surprise anyone that I still use Windows XP and slowly migrating to Linux? It's already possible to run SAI in Wine with full tablet sensitivity (here's the solution), and I don't play crappy pointless games (like GTA V), so entirely dropping Windows for me is only a matter of time.

How about you? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments. :)


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

ICQ: 427-075-128 | Jabber:

Freelance artist, animator, musician and audio engineer, programmer, web designer, Visual Novel and web-comic fan-translator. I freely speak English, Russian and partially Japanese.

Things I use for my creations:
Tablet: Wacom Bamboo CTH-470/S
OS: Windows XP x86 SP3, ArchLinux
Drawings: Paint Shop Pro 7.04, Easy Paint Tool SAI 1.10, MyPaint 1.0.0
Animation: Animation Shop 3, Flash 8.0, MKVToolnix, VirtualDub 1.9.3
Music: Audacity, Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, Reaper 4.581, Goldwave 5.22, Open Modplug Tracker, Winamp 5.53, XMPlay 3.0
Programming: Delphi 7 Personal, Notepad2, XAMPP 1.8.3

I like cute things, colourful drawings, harmonious music, humorous animation, parody and comedy films.
I hate gore, dubstep, watermarks, greed and stupidity.

:iconrequestsask: :iconnotrades: :iconcollabsask: :iconcommissionsask: :iconnopointcommissions: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconnokiribans:

All of the above depends on my mood and amount of free time.

Please note that deviantArt doesn't host the most of my works. You can find them here:


MLPFiM OC: Nighthaunt by dsp2003
MLPFiM OC: Nighthaunt
Requested by Osieu.

Another "blind" request. This time focused on learning the perspective, depth, shading and colour balance.

Initially, I tried to draw her laying on her back, but it turned out to be too hard for me at this point of time - I still have a lot to learn. It took about 3 hours alone to get the proportions and the pose right, and I ended up redrawing the lower part several times. т-т

In conclusion, I really like how the drawing has turned out. :icondinosaurfluffleplz:

Nighthaunt belongs to :iconosieu:.

Drawn in SAI at 2016/02/07 - 2016/02/08. Took ~14 hours.
MLPFiM: Ah Love Apples [Lineart + Colour] by dsp2003
MLPFiM: Ah Love Apples [Lineart + Colour]
Original sketch by TJPones.

I had a bad day, then TJ posted that sketch and... I couldn't resist... :iconapplejackplz:

Lined and coloured in SAI at 2016/02/07. Took ~2 hours.
MLPFiM OC: Toffee Mash by dsp2003
MLPFiM OC: Toffee Mash
Based on request by ToffeeMash.

And yet another "blind" request. This time tried some composition with chibi style. The colours aren't perfect, but should do the thing.

Toffee Mash belongs to :icontoffeemash:.

Drawn in SAI at 2016/02/03. Took ~4 hours.
MLPFiM OC: Rosa Pi by dsp2003
MLPFiM OC: Rosa Pi
Based on request by HeartStabberThePony.

Fhew, another meek week without drawings has ended, so I could finally touch some of the requests. Again, no details were supplied, hence I drew what I've found in user's gallery or favourites. :iconfluffleeatshairplz:

Rosa Pi belongs to :iconheartstabberthepony:.

Drawn in SAI at 2016/01/30 - 2016/02/01. Took ~8 hours.
Undertale: Ruins [Cover + Music DL] by dsp2003
Undertale: Ruins [Cover + Music DL]

Listen or download at SoundCloud | Get lossless at Bandcamp

This one took a while. Started about a week ago, but couldn't catch a good vibe... Today it exploded from 2 unfinished piano tracks straight to full-fledged 30-track cover! :iconfluffleeatshairplz:

So far, the most complex track after "Reunited". This time, I've composed the drums directly in Reaper.

SoundCloud's encoding is awful, use Download button to get OGG instead.

Cover drawn in SAI at 2016/01/23. Took ~40 minutes.

VST instruments and stuff:
* ReaSynth
* Yamaha MU100
* Farbrausch v2 1.5
* ReaSamplOmatic5000 (sampler)
* 5 drum samples from NI Bandstand

Started at 2016/01/16. Finished at 2016/01/23. Took ~25 hours.


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