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October 23, 2013


As a software (reverse) engineer and an advanced PC user, I've worked with numerous graphical editors (and the software in overall).

The SYSTEMAX's Easy Paint Tool SAI was one of the interesting tools to use, and even though I still use it for my personal illustrations and even created an SAI Tweaker application, I consider it extremely crippled compared to OpenSource graphical editors, GIMP and MyPaint.

The reasons are quite simple - even in "full" version SAI has numerous artificial restrictions which make it virtually unusable:

* you can't have more than 64 brushes (if you are actively drawing in different styles, this will shortly become a major problem)
* you can't create more than 255 layers (if you were drawing assets for a game or an complicated interface templates - welcome to hell)
* lack of proper configuration (tweaking number of available swatches (did you knew you can actually have up to 1024 of them?!), toggling multiwindowed interface for tools (just like in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and GIMP), swapping brushes or moving them into different slots - all of this is impossible without manual access to .ini and .conf files)
* you can't create canvas with size larger than 10000x10000 pixels

The program itself and the components which were used for its development are more than capable of handling all of the abovementioned things - my tweaker proves it. So, the only winning feature of SAI is its line smoothing algorithm (which is useless with mouse drawing anyway), but maybe it can be recreated using Python scripts for GIMP? I'll have to look into that eventually.

Hence, I don't see a reason why anybody would want to pay $50 (or how much it costs nowadays?) for it.
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